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The Wheatland Wind Project (WWP) began development in 2007. It is located thirty kilometres southeast of the Town of Drumheller. The WWP received an Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approval for the 122.4 megawatt (MW) wind power plant and a permit and licence for the substation from the AUC in September 2018. Wheatland Wind Project LP (WWLP) recently prepared a Letter of Enquiry (LOE) for the WWP to address minor changes to the project and received approval. Details of the changes are outlined in the latest newsletter for Spring 2021.

Construction of the WWP will involve the installation of twenty-four (24) Siemens 5.0 MW wind turbines, an electrical collection system, access roads and the construction of a new collector substation (the Badlands Substation), an Operations and Maintenance building, and laydown areas. The turbines in the WWP will be connected to the Badlands Substation through 34.5 kilovolt (kV) underground collector lines. New turbine access roads will be constructed on private land, and some existing roads will be upgraded. These roads are required to transport materials for turbine assembly during the construction stage, and to access turbines for regular maintenance during operation. The map attached to the latest newsletter shows the details and locations of the project infrastructure. The WWP will connect to Alberta’s electrical grid through an existing 138kV transmission line located within the project area, which is owned by ATCO Electric Ltd. Commercial operation of the WWP is anticipated to begin in Q4 of 2022.

WWLP has engaged local landowners and stakeholders throughout the WWP’s development process, and we will continue to do so in a way that respects community member’s needs. We expect that WWP will benefit the local community in a variety of ways, including creating contract opportunities for local businesses; increasing local spending on goods and services during the development, construction and operational phases; increasing County tax revenues; and, providing funding for the surrounding community through a Community Development Fund (CDF).

As construction begins at the WWP this fall, the WWLP is hosting a Virtual Open House on October 13, 2021 to share project information and updates with the public. You can register for the open house by clicking on the button below.


At this open house meeting, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the WWLP team, including the Project Manager, the main community contact, members of the construction team, and the construction contractor
  • Receive updates on upcoming construction activities
  • Learn about the construction schedule and timeline
  • Learn about the Community Liaison Committee and how to get involved
  • Get information and answers for questions you may have on the WWP

If you any comments and/or questions regarding the WWP and the start of construction, please submit them to info@wheatlandwind.com before October 8, 2021 to have them answer at the meeting. Some time will be allocated to Q&A at the end of the virtual open house but we encourage you to submit your comments and/or questions ahead of time.

September 2021:
On September 8, 2021, the Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) of the WWP hosted a vendor open house and job fair in Drumheller. The EPC, Skyflo, was recruiting local contractors, businesses and individuals whose services related to the construction of the wind project, and networked with local trades, supplier and workers to foster mutual beneficial relationships.

April 2021:
WWLP submitted an update to Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) outlining the various changes made to the project, including turbine manufacturer and model, and revisions to the project layout. The Spring 2021 newsletter was also disseminated to the local community.

March 2020:
WWLP evaluated power purchase opportunities and turbine technology updates for the WWP. Consultation on the project continued through 2020.

September 2018:
The AUC granted approval to construct, own, and operate the WWP and the Badlands 981S Substation.

May 2018:
WWLP submitted amendments to the original application with an updated project layout.

May 2017:
WWLP submitted applications to the AUC to construct, own, and operate the power plant, substation, and interconnection infrastructure.

April 2016:
Potentia Renewables Inc. entered into a partnership with Greengate Power Corporation for the Wheatland Wind Project.

Proposed Whetland Site

Wheatland Wind Project LP (WWLP) is a partnership between Potentia Renewables and Greengate Power Corporation.

Potentia Renewables Inc. is a fully integrated developer, owner, and operator of renewable energy assets. It is owned by Power Sustainable Corporation, a subsidiary of Power Corporation Canada (TSX: POW). With operations in Canada, the US, and Latin America, Potentia has recently been awarded four large, contracted wind assets in Western Canada. Potentia’s construction plans for these sites represent more than 625 MW of wind power to come online over the next two years

Greengate Power Corporation is a leading renewable energy company based in Calgary, Alberta. To date, Greengate has successfully developed over $1.6 billion of operating / in-construction wind and solar projects in Alberta, capable of powering more than 350,000 homes.

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